Lifetime Income Benefit Rider Quotes

Annuity Rate Watch's Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefit Rider (GLIBR) Quoting Tool will save you countless hours trying to find the Annuity or Variable Annuity Product with the Highest Guaranteed Income for Retirement.

How it Works

Enter your annuitant information. All quotes will be appropriate for the annuitant's age, state and premium.
The results you see after entering your annuitant's information is a big grid of all matching quotes. Depending on your annuitant's age, state and premium, this could be well over 100 quote values! You will use this grid to determine the best products for your client. To do this, you can sort by best initial payout, the total payout after 10 years and total payout after 30 years. You can also sort by enhanced payout if that is an important factor. Have a preference in carrier? Sort by carrier, rating and products. Once you decide on your top 3 choices, create a professional, detailed report to present to your client. You can download a sample client report and read about the report pages below.
Using the All-Quote Grid, decide your top 3 choices, then create a professional, detailed report to present to your client. Not sure about your choices? You can go back and choose three other quotes to create yet another client report. You can create as many client reports with various start ages as you like without being charged additional credits!

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